The Beck family has been running the Birkenhof with passion since 1970. The current operators, Roland and Barbara Beck are the third generation in the hospitality business and will spoil you during your visit.


To offer our guests comfort during the hot months, we have equipped our rooms and our banqueting hall and seminar rooms with air conditioning. However, the green idea is deeply rooted in our philosophy, which is why we have equipped our roof with photovoltaic panels to switch to renewable energy in the best possible way. We also offer 4 charging stations for electric cars.


With the addition of the orangery, the construction of a cellar, the extension of the garden and the redesign of the entrance area, the Birkenhof was transformed into its current form. Furthermore, constant renovations and embellishments in the hotel ensure that our house is constantly improved.


The extension of the guest garden was the final touch that Hildegard and Helmut Beck gave to the Birkenhof. At the end of the 90s, the Birkenhof was taken over by Roland Beck and his wife, Barbara. A renovation and expansion to 30 rooms took place at the turn of the millennium. 


In 1970, the Birkenhof was finally opened in its former form with 5 guest rooms. Originally intended as a canteen for the adjacent swimming pool, Hildegard and Helmut Beck soon extended it to include a banqueting hall (1972), a guest lounge, and 10 rooms (1978).


Mathias Beck tried his luck in Vienna and leased an inn at Ottakringer Straße 62 over the winter. In the summer, he went back to Gols with his family and devoted himself to viticulture. The community inn was available again in 1951 and Mathias Beck grabbed it. He ran the inn until 1965.


For generations, the Beck family has been a family of innkeepers. The grandfather of Roland Beck, the current owner, already owned the Dorfwirtshaus in Gols. Mathias Beck had already completed his apprenticeship in Vienna as a waiter with Otto Kaserer vis á vis the opera. The Beck’s ran the Golser Gemeinde Wirtshaus until 1943. They gave up the inn only when Mathias became a prisoner of war and no one knew if and when he would come home again.