Our culinaric offer


Acutal menu

Aperitif oft the day - a glass of Gelber Muskateller 2017 from the winery Birkenhof 250



Aspic of beef & vegetables, marinated with balsamic & olive oil  750

Gratinated pancake with wild garlic - cream cheese filling 850

Crispy, fried black pudding slices with sauerkraut and grated (Lf)  850

We recommend a glass of Grüner Veltliner “Heckenglescher” 2017 from the Birkenhof winery  250



Crunchy winter salads with grilled chicken breast strips (Gf, Lf) 1350 *

Mixed seasonal salad or crispy lettuce (Gf, Lf) 370

Granny Beck's lovingly prepared potato salad (Gf, Lf) 480



Carrots - ginger cream soup (Gf) 520

Cream of wild garlic (Gf) 520

Bouillon (clear soup of beef) with liver dumplings 380,  sliced pancake or homemade noodles 360

 We recommend a glass of Gelber Muskateller 2017 from the winery Birkenhof 250



Ragout of deer with black bread dumplings and cranberries 2050 *

                  We recommend a glass of Annum Cuvée 2015 or St. Laurent 2016

                                                                                             from winery Birkenhof   350



Gratinated fillet of pikeperch in potato crust served with lettuce (Gf)  19*

Fried fillet of salmon on noodles with wild garlic – cream (Gf)  1250 *

            We recommend a glass Neuburger 2018, from winery Schuhmanns Gols  390
                                               or a glass of Chardonnay 2017, from the Birkenhof winery 250



Homemade pasta with wild garlic pesto and grana

Homemade fried vegetable - potato cakes on colourful lettuce with pumpkin seed oil  1250 *

                        We recommend a glass of Pinot Gris 2017 from the winery Paul Wendelin, Gols  390


 Grilled Pork, Turkey & Beef

Grill fillet of Pork on spicy pepper sauce and homemade noodles (Gf) 1750 *

Sirloin steak with roasted onions and parsley potatoes (Gf, Lf) 2250

Fillet steak (200 g) with herb butter, grilled market vegetables and fried potatoes (Gf, Lf) 2750


We recommend a glass of Zweigelt 2015 from winery  Birkenhof  3
 or a glass of Annum Cuvée 2015 from winery Birkenhof   350


Deep fried from Chicken, Veal, Lamp & Pork

„Backhendl“ Deep fried chicken pieces served with salad of the season  1650

„Wiener Schnitzel“ Deep fried escalope of veal with parsley potatoes and Cranberry jam  21

Deep-fried Lamp schnitzel with potato and lamb’s lettuce salad 22

„Cordon bleu“ Deep fried escalope of pork, filled with ham & cheese served with salad of the season  16

 We recommend a glass Weißburgunder 2017 vom Markus Iro, Gols  390
  or a glass Chardonnay 2015 from winery Günther Horvath  390


* If you wish, we serve these dishes also as half portion


 Something Sweet


1 Piece of pancake „Palatschinke“ filled with nuts, wine cream and vanilla ice cream  650

2 Piece of pancake „Palatschinken“ filled with apricot jam  550

Small chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, coco ice cream  and whipped cream (Gf)  650

White cheese dumplings with strawberry sauce, strawberry ice cream and whipped cream650

„Somloer Nockerl“  550  (dark and light biscuit, little rum, vanilla cream, rum-raisin, chocolate sauce and whipped cream)

We recommend a glass Neuburger late vintage 2003 from winery Birkenhof 450


 Ice cream

Mixed ice cream without wipped cream  450                   with whipped cream  5

Cup of the house (fruit ice cream, fresh fruits, strawberry sauce, whipped cream)  7

Vanilla ice cream & stracciatella with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 650